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Entry #24

Eh, nvm the rant

2016-08-10 09:27:22 by TessaWuff

Nvm the Paul Fag rant, lotta things on my mind. Can't really just like, tell and stuff. lol

Here's the article tho, along with the video of him pandering to stuck up whores in a clownsuit. Read this article for yourself and you'll see why he's a self hating man-child.

Anyways, gonna do more stuff.. I think... Probably


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2016-08-10 11:05:48

tessa.. wuff...

tessa...... . . . wuuffff...
You're post happens to be about Paul Feig, well I'm up on hollywood stuff, so I've heard of that guy!.. uh, yea..

TessaWuff responds:

He's such a HUGE faggot xD